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As a Content Strategist, I spend most of my days working to tell the stories of businesses online. I focus on strategic ways to connect each company with its ideal customers. It’s my joy to work with so many amazing clients. But, as much as I love ensuring that local preschool rosters are full, plumbers and realtors meet their quarterly KPIs and large tech companies rank organically ahead of their competition, I realize that the work our company does to ensure businesses are visible in search can make it more challenging for nonprofits and ministries to compete.

Additionally, with the ever-changing Google algorithms, it’s become incredibly important to implement SEO best practices to ensure that your digital entities are identified accurately by AI. Finally, while many believe that going viral on social media is the best way to grow an audience, the truth is that you don’t own your social media profile. You are essentially renting space on someone else’s website, and it could all go away tomorrow.

So, how does marketing for ministries and nonprofits work? The same way mainstream digital marketing works. You focus on telling your story to your ideal audience. All marketing should be done ethically. The difference is that nonprofits and ministries will be looked at with a more critical eye.

I’ve created a guide to help you evaluate the gaps in your current marketing strategies. Download your free guide:

Support for Clarifying Your Life Purpose and Calling

Both secular and religious studies reveal that when our vocation aligns with our calling, we will be most satisfied with our work. That doesn’t mean we will always naturally identify our calling or that we will understand the best way to execute our calling vocationally. Sometimes we need a mentor to join us for part of our journey to help us see things from a different perspective.

While I don’t consider myself overly emotional, there is one conversation that predictably will bring me to tears. Whether a wife finds me through word of mouth, writing, or my book, Lessons from the Sidelines, the conversation generally begins with a statement like “I’m losing myself.” As each woman tells me how hard it is to find her place in life and thrive in her marriage, I am quickly transported back to moments when I felt myself withering in the shadow of Ordell’s calling. The coaching life is all-encompassing, and as my husband’s partner, I was happy to cheer him on and support him as he chased his dreams.

But as the years continued, I struggled with how to balance my passions and what I understood God was calling me toward in work and ministry pursuits with raising young boys and supporting my husband in his career.

Life in the public eye comes with a unique set of challenges. Many days, balancing my roles as a coach’s wife, mother, employee, friend, and ministry leader felt impossible. That is until I did two things. First, I spent time identifying and clarifying my life’s calling. Next, I built a support network of people who believed in me and are for me. These two things shifted my perspective at a vital time. They changed everything.

Identifying and clarifying my calling took a lot of internal processing, self-reflecting, honest conversation, and even more prayer. There isn’t one right way to identify and clarify your calling, but in Lessons from the Sidelines, I share my 7-step action plan for how I clarified my calling, learned to bloom where I was planted, and began to thrive in the sweet spot of my calling.

If you need consultation as you explore your next courageous steps in life or vocationally, I’m available for sessions booked one at a time.

Here Are a Few Things Typical Discussions Include:

  • A review of Appendix A in Lessons from the Sidelines 7-step action plan to clarify your calling
  • Consultation regarding the practical steps needed to make a career shift
  • A discussion around the 5 stages of burnout and which stage you may be in
  • How to utilize a block calendar for your current life stage
  • How to take your side hustle to the next level
  • How to turn your passion project into a career

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