Inspiring others to pursue their calling and thrive in their purpose.

– Beth M. Walker

Beth M. Walker is an author, speaker, and experienced digital marketer. Married to a football coach and raising two sons, she has waded through the challenges of balancing home life with the work she loves. With over twenty years of experience in both paid and volunteer roles in churches, parachurch ministries, and private Christian colleges, and her current role as a content strategist for SMA Marketing, Beth uniquely understands the many challenges facing ministry leaders in today’s digital world.

One of Beth’s gifts is helping others discern their gifts and take them to the next level. With many years of expertise in writing and digital marketing, she has helped countless people identify their unique calling, thrive in their life purpose, and pursue their courageous next step vocationally.

No matter if you are starting to brainstorm or you are ready to launch your new life interest into practice, Beth believes this step on your journey is important. When you clarify your calling and bloom where you are planted, you can truly begin to thrive in the sweet spot of who you were designed to be.

Digital Marketing

Do you work in the non-profit, parachurch ministry, or traditional church sectors? Are you overwhelmed by conflicting information about having an online presence? Do you need a simple, ethical digital strategy that allows you to focus on in-person ministry?

Is your goal to stand out in a traditionally secular market with a ministry mindset?

Pursue Your Life Purpose and Calling

Pursuing your life purpose and calling is an amazing opportunity to partner with God. You will thrive in your career as you step into the fullness of your strengths, gifts, and passions. But that doesn’t mean your journey will be easy. I believe that when you have the right tools and people around you, you will thrive.

The Coaching Life

Whether you’re dating a coach, you’ve been married for a few decades, or you’re a newlywed, the coaching life corner has content created for you. With over two decades of experience as a coach’s wife to draw from, I’m sharing my experiences with you with one goal: encouragement.

This word calling means different things to different people. To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s define calling as the non-negotiable thing placed in you by God to glorify him. We begin to understand our calling by understanding and discovering the gifts given to us by God.

– Beth Walker, Lessons from the Sidelines

With years of experience in the digital marketing field, I am passionate about providing the tools to enable ministries to thrive.

Ministry burnout is real, but it’s also avoidable. When you delegate the things that happen online to a team of experts, you are free to focus on the things that happen in real life – the things that matter.

Roger and Mary Jo Sharp

Confident Christianity & Sharp Spiritual Direction

Beth is one of the most well-rounded administrators who has ever worked with our ministries.  Her range of expertise in platform-building and her networking ability is as deep as her love of people. She excels at both the professional and the personal sides of her work. Beth helped our ministry in a time when we felt overwhelmed, moving our ministry into a position of productivity and flourishing. We really cannot thank her enough. 

Danielle Wilson

CRU & Danni Peace Music

Beth has been an amazing marketing consultant and confidant. It is rare and special to find both in one person. One of her many contributions to the CRU team entailed helping us to create a communication strategy and platform that served both our alumni and students as we engaged college campuses throughout Philadephia.

Beth’s commitment to authenticity matched our desire to connect with students that shared the same vision and hopes for their collegiate careers and we are grateful.

“When you innovate and build your business from a place of empathy and a desire to create a difference for your customers, those values bubble up into everything you do.”

― Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing: A Love Story: How to Matter to Your Customers

Your Calling Matters for Your Vocation.

When you thrive in your sweet spot, you will live out your calling without stifling your gifts and strengths in an attempt to please people over God. That said, we all face roadblocks and stumble over society’s definitions of value at times when we would be better employed by spending time seeking to understand God’s design for our lives. This journey isn’t always easy, and you don’t need to walk each step alone.


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